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 Clean Up After Yourselves

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PostSubject: Clean Up After Yourselves   Clean Up After Yourselves I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 29, 2016 10:31 am

Miras is FULL of Beardfish, left over from an event. When an event is over get rid of or kill the mobs. Do you want a larger player base ? What will a new player think if he gets bored of and is finished with Vail, walks through the portal and is insta-killed by a beard fish in Miras ? Now he reses in the village, has no shild for a scroll and has Beard fish between him and Vail. If that was my first experience with Deicide I wouldn't be here now.

I found this mess when starting a new character, leveling a bit and then heading off to get a horse. It is impossible to even access the horse seller!!!!!!!

One of the first things we are supposed to learn as a child is to clean up after ourselves.
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Clean Up After Yourselves
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